Town Criers Competition

The next Town Criers Competition will be 22 April 2023.

Town Criers from far and wide come to Yeovil each year to keep up the ancient tradition of Crying and compete in the Annual Town Criers Open Competition.  All are members of the Ancient and Honourable Guild and enjoy a fantastic day as guests of Yeovil Town Council providing a colourful and warm spectacle to entertain shoppers throughout the day as each competitor performs their home town Cry and a Cry of their own choice in the Public Entertainment Area in the presence of the Mayor and Mayoress.

The formal system of Town Criers dates back to the Middle Ages, when a reliable and trusted person with a clear, loud voice was required to keep citizens informed of matters of national and local importance.  The historical significance of the Town Crier is greatly valued and is celebrated at this event, which brings colleagues together from all over the country.