Grit Bins

Yeovil Town Council have installed 40 grit bins at various strategic locations across the Town – including the Town Centre. A list highlighting the location of these bins, which have been provided for the benefit of local residents and businesses to use on public areas outside their premises, is provided below.

Number        Street       Location
1 South Street Below Town Council Carpark
2 Penn Hill Front of Adult Learning Centre
3 South Street Side of 80 South Street
4 Silver Street The Borough
5 Middle Street Front of Boots next to BT Cabinet
6 Middle Street Side of Betfred
7 Middle Street St Margarets Hospice
8 South Street Near Zebra Crossing
9 South Street Outside Woborns Almshouses
10 Cypress Drive At top of road next to 6 Cypress Drive
11 Lime Tree Avenue On green space at junction with Cypress Drive
12 Lime Tree Avenue On green space at junction with Plantagenet Chase
13 Rowan Way On green space at junction with Pine Tree Avenue
14 Rowan Way In alcove near junction with Beechwood
15 Forest Hill Top - on green space
16 Hathermead Gardens Half way down on green verge 
17 Forest Hill Next to shops
18 West Hendford Next to cycle underpass
19 Yeovil Hospital Next to underpass on green space
20 The Avenue Next to BT Cabinet
21 Goldcroft Next to junction with Milford Road
22 Goldcroft Next to entrance to Goldcroft Car Park
23 Glenthorne Avenue Outside Milford School
24 Watercombe Lane On greenspace next to junction with Preston Road
25 Westbourne Grove Next to BT Cabinet  and Preston Grove junction
26 Marlborough Road On green space next to junction with Wentworth Road
27 Sycamore Drive On green space near junction with Beechwood
28 Yew Tree Close Next to Sampsons Wood
29 Hillcrest Road Next to junction with Highfield Road
30 Goldcroft Between junctions with College Green and Milford Road
31 Plantagenet Chase Near top of road next to 24 Plantagenet Chase

Plantagenet Chase

Next to Entrance to the Scout Hall
33 Plantagenet Chase Junction with Cherry Tree Drive in front of conifers
34 Grove Avenue / Huish Next to Huish Sign (opposite West Street)
35 Hawthorn Road Hawthorn Road (next to sign at top of slope)
36 Chelston Avenue Next to junction with Milford Road
37 Montrose Road / Meadow Road junction On Meadow Road opposite Montrose Road
38 Mount Pleasant Newtown area, Mount Pleasant adjacent telegraph pole
39 Highfield Road Next to access to former factory
40 Stiby Road Near junction with Ilchester Road