Outside Bodies



Representation 2021/22

Love Yeovil

Town Clerk

Parish Tree Warden Scheme

Gordon Hunting

Sea Cadet Corps – Yeovil Unit 458

Andrew Kendall

Somerset Association of Local Councils

Graham Oakes

South Somerset Countryside Steering Group

David Recardo

Westfield Community Association

Jane Lowery

Woborns Almshouse Charitable Trust


Nigel Gage

Pauline Lock

Ashley Richards

Yeovil Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Town Clerk/Mayor

Yeovil Crematorium and Cemetery Committee

Tony Lock

Pauline Lock

Mike Lock

Yeovil Free School and John Nowes Exhibition Foundation

Karl Gill

Jane Lowery

Yeovil in Bloom

All Members of Promotions and Activities Committee

Yeovil Recreation Charity (formerly the Preston Grove Recreation Field for Adults Charity)

Jade Dash

Peter Gubbins

Andy Kendall

David Recardo

Yeovil Rivers Community Trust


Yeovil Town and Parishes Cluster Workshop

Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Planning Committee

Yeovil Twinning Association

Andrew Kendall

David Recardo